School bus

There is one school bus that travels up Bremer Bay Road passed Devil’s Creek South Road out along Swamp Road back to Bremer Bay. The bus then travels to pick up the children at Point Henry. In the afternoon the bus travels to Point Henry first.

See front office for details regarding applications for the bus.

Parents are to ensure that their children are at the designated bus stop 5 minutes before their pick up time and that children are safely standing back from the road. The bus driver is to wait 2 minutes after the designated time for collection if the children are running late but if at the end of the 2 minutes wait and the children are not seen coming to the bus stop the driver is to proceed. If children are late for the bus on a regular basis the parents are to be notified.

All children and passengers (non school age children included) must obey school bus regulations while waiting, boarding, travelling and alighting the bus. The driver is to stop the bus if children are misbehaving and not drive on until all children are correctly seated. Any misconduct on the bus is to be reported to the Principal.

It is the parent responsibility to inform the bus driver if your child will not be using the service on a particular day. The school bus is fitted with a U.H.F. radio and uses Channel 1 for contacts.