Head lice

Head lice is an ongoing community health problem. Parents are responsible for checking their child/children’s hair every week. It is advisable the check is done each Friday then treated over the weekend.

Regular checks of children’s hair will be maintained when necessary. If a child is found to have lice or live nits parents will be contacted to discuss treatment. When a child has not been treated parents will be required to collect their child and complete a recommended treatment before returning them to school.

Infectious diseases

If your child has the following diseases appropriate action is required.

Chicken Pox

Exclude from school, re-admit when sufficiently recovered. Some remaining scabs do not justify continued exclusion.


Exclude until discharge from the eyes has ceased.


Exclude from school, re-admit on medical certificate. Parents are asked to notify the school immediately a diagnosis is confirmed by their family doctor.

Un-immunised contacts should be excluded until 14 days after the first day of appearance of the rash in the last case identified in the school, unless contact was immunised within 72 hours of first exposure. Contacts should be advised to see their doctor immediately.

Rubella (German measles)

Exclude from school. Re-admit on recovery. Contacts do not need to be excluded but should be advised to see their doctor.


Exclude for at least 9 days after onset of symptoms. Contacts should be advised to see their doctor.

Hand, foot and mouth Disease

Exclude until all blisters are crusted

Impetigo (School Sores)

Exclude until effective treatment has been instituted.

Hepatitis A

Exclude from school. Re-admit on medical certificate of recovery but not before seven days after onset of illness.

Hepatitis B

Exclusion is not necessary. Contacts should be advised to see their doctor.

Hepatitis C

Exclusion is not necessary.

Ring worm

Exclude until appropriate treatment has commenced.


Exclude from school until the day after treatment has commenced. Family contacts will probably be infested and should be treated.

Glandular fever

Exclude until child is well.

Herpes Simplex (Cold sores)

Young children unable to comply with good oral hygiene practices should be excluded while lesions are uncovered or weeping. Lesions should be covered by a dressing, where possible.