P & C

Parents & Community Association

The P & C Association is the school’s parent organisation through which you have an opportunity to have a say in, contribute to, and take part in activities of the school. It’s actively involved in providing support for improving the educational environment of the school.

All parents are welcome to attend P & C meetings which are held in the Library at the school at 7pm. The dates of meetings are advertised in the newsletter. Membership Fee $1.00

School Council

A key strategy designed to encourage participation in decision making in schools is the formation of a formal decision making group, namely the School Council. It comprises of the Principal, one staff member and at least three elected community representatives.

The specific functions of the Bremer Bay School Council are to assist in making decisions in the following areas:

1. Ratifying the School development plan and budget.

2. Care and welfare (building and grounds)

3. Involvement in the development and implementation of school policies.