Our school

Bremer Bay Primary School is in the Southwest Education Region and is located 180km east of Albany. The school was established in 1953. Students attending the school are drawn from the Bremer Bay town site, Point Henry housing estate and surrounding farms. There are currently 28 students enrolled from Kindergarten through to year six. 

The staff and community collaborate together to provide diverse educational learning opportunities and specialist programs such as Dance. Indonesian is delivered through Webex software by teachers located at the School of Isolated and Distance Education, these teachers also visit the school throughout the year to deliver hands on activities face to face with the students.

Bremer Bay Primary School has received wonderful support from local community organisations and businesses through financial assistance, volunteers and use of resources. Our school P&C are passionate and effectively raise funds to further support school initiatives and provide resources for the students. Our School Council consists of the Principal, one staff member and multiple parents. This committee collaborates to discuss school finances, whole school planning and protocol, including school uniforms.