Parent and teacher communication

Two-way communication is a critical factor in the partnership between parents and the school. Where a partnership exists, it is easier for parents to feel confident about the teaching and learning that takes place in the classroom and to solve problems.

It is important that parents take the opportunity to discuss their children’s progress with the class teacher on a regular basis. Parents wishing to have an interview with teachers should make contact to arrange a suitable time. Parents are requested not to seek lengthy discussions with the teacher without making a prior appointment.

Teachers cannot hold such discussions during teaching time or before school when they are busy preparing for the day’s work. Interruptions to this preparation time can upset the whole day’s routine. The school communicates regularly to its parents through newsletters, phone calls, and our attendance SMS message system.

With parents consent email is a quick and convenient form of communication.

The school publishes a school newsletter on odd week fortnights. The school newsletter updates the school community on school- related issues, student achievements and events involving the school community.

Behaviour management

The development of appropriate and acceptable behaviour is a staff, parent and student concern. Its success is based upon the recognition of the dignity and worth of all individuals. Teachers will develop classroom-based behaviour management systems which are in line with the school’s Behaviour Management Policy. Parents are encouraged to work with the teacher to support these systems. Issues of a serious nature are referred to the administration for action.