Bag and equipment

Your child will need:

  1. A reasonable sized bag or backpack, sufficient to fit a lunch box, drink container, morning snack, books, hat, spare clothes and schoolwork. This style of bag will help us teach your child about keeping belongings in one place and being responsible for their own property.
  2. A water bottle.
  3. Dressed in clothing that is suitable if it gets dirty. (Kindergarten students are strongly encouraged to wear the school uniform which is available for purchase from the P&C).

Please write your child’s name on everything so that it is visible. They will also need:

  • A full set of spare clothing in their bag every day including underwear, shirt, shorts or trousers and a jacket or jumper in case of accidents and when children are involved in water play.
  • A bucket or wide-brim hat (available for purchase from the P&C).
  • Footwear appropriate for school (e.g. sneakers, sandals with an ankle strap)

Your child will require a number of items from the school’s booklist.