Incursions and excursions

LOTE incursion

Our students are provided with lessons in the Indonesian language through the School of Isolation and Distance Education. During the year the student’s teachers, normally located in Perth, visited Bremer Bay Primary school for some face to face teaching and activities.

The children had a great time eating some traditional Indonesian foods, participating in craft activities and learning language through song.

Incursions, Excursions and Camp

A Senior class camp is held at different locations each year. This year we travelled to Camp Quaranup at Albany and attended the Queen’s Baton Relay.

Visiting Schools

The Senior class head over to Jerramungup District High, along with Borden, Ongerup, and Gairdner Primary to participate in Math and Literacy activities in streamed learning groups. These incursions take place on several Fridays throughout the year and are excellent opportunities for students to network with other children while participating in quality leaning activities.

Musica Viva

Musica Viva sends different musical groups on tour each year providing students with an exposure to different musical genres and enabling cultural development.

Various other incursions take place throughout the school year to enhance our learning programs, you will be informed through letters, the school newsletter and term planner for when and what will take place.