Wearing of school uniform at all times is strongly encouraged but is not a requirement for Kindergarten students.

General requirements

1. School uniforms or school colours, including hat, are to be worn on all school excursions.

2. Thongs, singlet’s, tank tops, muscle shirts, denim are inappropriate school wear.

Official uniform

Red shirt with collar, short or long sleeves, white logo.

Red wind cheater (white logo).

Black culottes/dress/skirt & bloomers/shorts/track pants.

Appropriate footwear.


Red shirt (White logo).

Black sports shorts/skirt and bloomers.

Appropriate footwear.


Wide brim red hat with white logo.

Children may wear any combination of the block colours, red, white and black, however, on days that children are specifically asked to wear school uniform they are to wear those items listed under official uniforms.

Red beanie with white logo may be worn during winter months in cold weather.

Orders may be placed through the P & C. Contact Loren Rowe.